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MyStore (Vendor Training Series)

How to setup your coachwares storefront in the store manager


World Dominating Brand Message

Craft a “one-liner” message that allows you to be an indisputable Brand …

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The 30 Day Sales Blitz

Complete Your Year with Cash in Your Pocket and Prospects in Your …

Dyslexia - A Trait of Genius

This online course helps adults teach dyslexic students to learn how to …

Think Inside The Box Using 3D Thinking

James Feldman's new approach to business thinking. How to think inside …

Take It To The Bank

James Feldman teaches how your bank will give you $10K worth of …

Dyslexia – A Trait of Genius (Monthly Membership)

This online monthly membership course helps adults teach dyslexic students to learn …

Spotlight Your Brilliance to the World

Help people with your brilliance by coaching them through their challenges through the power of e-learning courses. Increase business profitability with enhanced selling techniques, expand new/existing relationships, launch a business, dominate social media marketing... Open your store on the Coachwares. Com Marketplace and sell your courses on Coachwares.com. We'll host them here for no cost!

Eric Holst | Co-founder & President

I am a firm believer in the power of coaching.  A sales coach changed my life forever by providing this mechanical engineer the know-how and confidence to excel in sales.  

LearnDash is a very powerful and popular learning management system (LMS).  It is used by many universities and fortune 500 companies.  The Coachwares.com team wants to provide only the very best tools for everyone on the platform.

Why try to learn it on your own… when you can hire a coach or consultants and leverage their experience and education in a fraction of the time.  TIME IS MONEY, don’t be a nickel smart and a dollar foolish! 

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