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Learn how to Think "inside the box" and have extraordinary results

About Author

James Feldman

I have spent my entire life working with individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary goals. Most engagements come from corporations with bigger pocketbooks.

However, during the pandemic, most companies stopped innovative problem solving and focused on cost-cutting. Having some extra time on my hands, I wrote my 13th book. My book is a toolbox, a resource manual, a reference that can save you hours of wasted time. But we know that often a book that turns into a movie is more entertaining and often more relevant.

So, I created this course. You’ll get the book for free, get one-on-one coaching, and be invited to a weekly virtual meeting to discuss how to apply these principles to your specific business challenges.

I call it my M.B.A. curriculum. Massive Bank Account.



Proven Ways To Grow Your Business Faster!

I call it my M.B.A. curriculum. Massive Bank Account. I promise your ROI will deliver a return on ideas that will validate your participation and investment. Let me be clear if you are not willing to ‘shift’ how you think, don’t waste your time or mine. 

I am committed to your success.  Ready to Get Started with your M.B.A?