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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the free courses do not require an account to watch.  However many of the free courses have subject matter pertaining to the setup and operation of a store on the Marketplace platform and would be of little use for any non-store owner.

No, the platform is only open to coaches, mentors, consultants, and trainers who have signed up and have an active storefront membership on the platform.  There is no monthly hosting fee for courses on this platform as is promoting course hosting as a benefit for selling on the platform. 

No, You can set your price at whatever you wish, for now that must be in US Dollars.  If you want to provide some content for free and do an upsell for additional value or sell a 5 figure course it is all up to you the store owner.

Per the Terms & Conditions on, any request for a refund must be done through the individual store from which you bought the course and NOT  Furthermore the Terms & Conditions states that once a digital product as been downloaded, accessed or viewed; a refund is no longer permitted.  If you bought your product/service in error; contact the seller immediately to request a refund prior to accessing the material. Only a refund authorized by a Seller will be processed.