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Dyslexia - A Trait of Genius

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Marianne Cintron

Dyslexia Educator

Education is Dr. Cintron’s third career, spring boarded from subbing in her children’s preschool to being a substitute teacher in a mental health hospital. She never dreamed of earning 5 degrees with a call to expose that “Dyslexia is a Trait of Genius!” Educator for 21 years and a classroom teacher for 10 years. Education: Doctorate Degree, two credentials and two Masters Degrees

Course Description

This online course helps teach dyslexic students to learn how to read.  This product is a monthly membership which grants access to all the training materials.


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Approx. 2-4 months

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$798 Initial / $129 mo. (USD)

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Course Description

This online course with monthly membership access to the content is for adults who have non-reading children they want to teach to read. We have an efficient method that helps dyslexic students read within a few months.

I have seen dyslexic children learn to read in only 6 weeks or 30 sessions!  Bring peace to your home by turning the battlefield into a playground by helping your child so he/she can read.  Our program uses our unique music app and reading program that really work and add fun to the learning process!

The course has 6 training videos, and two support videos. We will mail you the full curriculum kit, if you are in Continent US, and you receive all the digital files so you can use them online to help others. Our students have achieved great success using our Online Platform.

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