Love University: Gratitude

Module 4

Action Steps:

Gratitude is about being and doing. Your first step is to start your gratitude journal. Even if you don’t have a fancy, leather bound type gratitude journal like the ones that I give to my coaching clients, just write it down on any white paper with blue ink. When you are able, purchase that specific journal devoted only for your gratitudes. Start your day with what you are in gratitude for immediately.

If you find it difficult to come up with a gratitude, begin with the goal of writing just one gratitude. When you feel more comfortable or confident in coming up with more gratitude, add another gratitude to your journal, then another and another until you’re averaging seven gratitudes every morning.

Keep your focus on looking for what you are in thankful in your life. By begin consistent with your focus and your actions, the more this becomes a part of your life. You begin to attract those things that you are thankful for over and over.